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About Us

In August of 2018, the voters of Callaway County voted the sewer district to be organized and incorporated.  Our area of coverage is the entire county with a few exceptions that are regulated by PSC or other wastewater providers.

Our biggest focus is in the western side of the county, the “Millersburg” area and South of Fulton.  We currently own and operate 8 facilities with the ability to take over more as the need occurs and the owners request our help. It is our plan to create one discharge point in the Millersburg area and one discharge point south of Fulton. We are also the contact point for on-site septic permitting in Callaway County.  We also initiate addressing for the County.

Our Mission

The Callaway County Sewer District provides safe, efficient, cost effective wastewater treatment management and water protection services to protect public health and the environment today and into the future.


5517 Old US Highway 40
Kingdom City MO 65262


Office Phone: 573-491-1118
Kent Cell Phone: 573-550-9364
Mylene Cell phone: 573-310-7605


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